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All about Dress Shoes
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The evergreen dress shoe – why every man needs to own a pair

     A gentleman needs a pair of dress shoes, he might just need more, but let’s start off with a pair. If there was a male version of My Fair Lady, the first tip would be to dress in a smart pair of dress shoes and why not? Dress shoes, add style, grace, suave and a dash of class to any outfit that you throw on.

Dress shoes, tie together any outfit that you might be wearing that day – be it a crisp white shirt with pair or denims, a well tailored grey suit or a pair of chinos for an evening out.

We’ve compiled a list of most important dress shoes, you need to have in your wardrobe –

Oxford shoes image


How can we not talk about the classic Oxford. They are regularly called the most elegant of all men’s shoes and why shouldn’t they be?

Most people tend to call all formal shoes Oxford shoes, but really what sets them apart is that the leather containing the eyelets is sewn under the leather camp rather than above it. There are different schools of though debating what constitute the true definition of a classic Oxford Shoe, but this is what we like to follow.

This is not where the controversy ends, there are debates around the origin of the shoe as well. What matters in the end is, should this be your shoe of choice or not?

A closed lace makes sure the Oxfords have a sleeker appearance. The Oxford Shoes can be further customized with cap toes or without. Cap toes add an extra touch of class to the shoe. Cap toe Oxfords are even more formal and can be worn to business meetings. A pair of Brown or Black leather Oxford shoes are a win win in all formal occasions.

Derby shoes image


The main difference between an Oxford Shoe and the Classic Derby is that the leather with eyelets is sown on top of the leather vamp. It gives a more study look and provides a subtle contrast to the Oxford Shoe. While both are a simpler smaller version of the Formal Boot shoe, the derby shoe was formally known as a hunting shoe. The Derby shoe is hence, slightly less formal than the Oxford shoe, and goes great with a pair of chinos, a dark denim shade. It can even be worn as a formal shoe but perhaps not with your most stylish tux. We suggest wearing your derbies on a semi formal night out.

Monk shoes image

Monk Shoes

When you come across a monk shoe, the first thing that comes to mind is the dusty plains of the wild wild west. Why shouldn’t it, with the buckle straps instead of laces, its not hard to imagine an hardy cow boy riding into the sunset on his buckaroo wearing a sturdy pair of monks. Regardless of the image they evoke, the monk shoes were actually worn in Europe by monks who wished to protect their feet and wanted a durable option. The monk can come as an informal shoe as well, as it’s a halfway between the two. They are more casual than the derby or oxford shoes, but definitely more formal than sneakers or loafers. A gentleman looking for greater versatility in his dressing can opt for the monk shoe. While these days, they can be worn with a business suit, it’s a more off beat choice than say the oxford shoe. But you wont, be out of place wearing them to office, with their leather strap buckle closing, the monk shoes can spruce up any boring business suit or even add more class to simple casual looks such as a pair of jeans and a plain shirt.

While these days, the definitions and patterns of wearing men’s shoes are very fluid, there are some classic definitions which don’t change over the years. You can choose to wear your dress shoes how you feel most comfortable and where you think they would go best. You can never go wrong with a pair or two of dress shoes in your closet!

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